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So, Why A Funnel ?

Admit it—having a website without paying customers is akin to constructing a store in the heart of a desert without a single road connecting to it.

This is where a "funnel" plays a crucial role.

Imagine a funnel as a virtual thoroughfare that guides your ideal customers to your website and ushers them into your online store, ready to make purchases with their credit cards poised!

The Funnel Is The Secret To Your Online Success

It’s the difference between the 1,929,999,999 websites that don’t make money, and the .000000002% that do!

Without A Funnel

  1. No Customers

  2. ​No sales

  3. Confusing Buying Process

  4. ​Sadness

With A Funnel

  • Stream Of Customers

  • ​Simple Buying Process

  • ​Sales Galore

  • Opposite of Sadness

Do You Like Feeling The Opposite Of Sadness?

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But That’s Not All ClickFunnels Does...

ClickFunnels “ Funnels ” Customers To You!

We are the pioneers of funnel construction, the inaugural platform crafted to seamlessly transport individuals from platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok directly to your online store!

If you've ever found yourself browsing any of these platforms and engaged with an advertisement, then there's a high likelihood that the subsequent landing page you encountered was likely one of our meticulously designed funnels!

And here's a little revelation: You're actually currently navigating through a funnel right at this moment! (Indeed, they truly do prove their efficacy!)

ClickFunnels Gives You Everything You Need To Market, Sell, And Deliver Your Products Online

All In One Convenient Spot!

ClickFunnels Is…

Your Website

Crafting a website or releasing a blog used to be an arduous task. What previously required an extensive amount of time for design and development can now be accomplished within the span of just one afternoon!

With FunnelHubs, you can...

  • ​Experience insanely fast page loading speeds, which means a whole lot more conversions and sales

  • ​Fully customizable, drag and drop page builder that anyone can use regardless of computer skills

  • ​Dozens of beautiful page templates ready for you to plug in your content and flip the switch

ClickFunnels Replaces:

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

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ClickFunnels Is…

Your Shopping Cart

Whether you're marketing ebooks, training courses, or a range of all-natural handmade soaps, ensuring a seamless and swift checkout process is paramount.

With Cart Funnels at your disposal, you can...

  • Seamlessly upload products, images, videos, and descriptions with a single click!

  • Create a checkout page optimized for high conversion rates within minutes, without the need for coding or programming.

  • Boost your order value using our flexible 1-click upsells, downsells, and order bumps!

ClickFunnels Replaces:

ClickFunnels Is…

Your Membership Site

Pay attention, consistent income is the hidden key to a flourishing online business. The most effective approach to achieve this is through a membership site.

With Membership Sites, you can...

  • Cultivate a prosperous subscription-based venture for a continuous flow of monthly revenue, free from concerns about acquiring new clients.

  • ​Effortlessly upload training videos and content within minutes, eliminating the need for external video software expenses.

  • ​Forge and fortify your community by unveiling and delivering fresh content, all seamlessly integrated within the membership area.

ClickFunnels Replaces:

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

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ClickFunnels Is…

Your CRM

Bringing customers to your store is valuable. However, retaining those customers is vital for substantial business expansion.

With ClickFunnels CRM, you can...

  • ​Reinforce brand connections and monitor your customers' progress in real-time.

  • ​Initiate automated funnels aligned with customers' interactions.

  • Gain comprehensive insights into your customers' preferences (...which aids in the creation of more products!)

ClickFunnels Replaces:

ClickFunnels Is…

Your Email Marketing

Employing email marketing for customer follow-ups plays a significant role in propelling your online business to new heights.

With ClickFunnels Email Marketing, you can...

  • ​Effortlessly craft and dispatch email broadcasts, promotions, or fresh offers to your audience.

  • ​Develop and split-test email automations driven by customers' interactions.

  • ​Benefit from top-tier email deliverability support, ensuring your emails reach your customers' inboxes reliably.

ClickFunnels Replaces:

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

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ClickFunnels Is…

Your Analytics

Data reigns supreme. Without it, you might end up devising inappropriate offers for the wrong audience, squandering both time and resources.

With ClickFunnels Analytics, you can...

  • Attain precise data on the effectiveness of your funnels, through instantaneous reporting.

  • ​Monitor open rates, click-through rates, page conversion rates, average cart values, and additional metrics.

  • ​Gain insights into your students' advancement through your digital courses.

ClickFunnels Replaces:

ClickFunnels Gives You Everything You Need To Succeed Online

Plus Funnels To Get Customers To Find You!

Convert your online visitors into actual paying customers

Create your web presence exactly the way you want

Turn your knowledge, passion or experience into revenue

Reach and engage with your audience where they are

Create powerful workflows to automate your marketing

Create landing pages for your website or your funnels

Build a membership site to generate recurring revenue

Create your product once and sell it inside any funnel

Run A/B tests on your website, funnels or email campaigns

Create a blog that positions you an expert in your industry

Delight your customers with their own personal customer center

Get all the data you need to grow your business

Easy and powerful drag and drop page editing experience


Coming Soon…

Ecommerce Store

Coming Soon…

Shopping Cart

Coming Soon…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for updates?

No! Our software receives continuous updates, along with new templates, all at no additional cost. ClickFunnels operates in the cloud, so any updates or new features automatically appear in your account.

Are my funnels secure?

Absolutely! Security is our top priority. ClickFunnels is purpose-built to ensure the safety of your funnels, subscribers, and members area. You can rest easy, as there's no need to keep track of potentially compromised "plugins."

What are the contract terms?

There are no lengthy contracts or obligations. You can use ClickFunnels on a month-to-month basis and cancel whenever you wish.

Is there customer support available?

Certainly! Our top-tier support team is available 24/7 to address your queries. You can access support by clicking the "support" link on our pages or visiting

Will I lose my data if I cancel my account?

As is typical with most "software-as-a-service" platforms, your data becomes inaccessible upon account cancellation. However, before canceling, you have the opportunity to download CSV files containing your contacts and member data.

Can I integrate my preferred autoresponders/shopping carts?

Yes, while we recommend using ClickFunnels to manage your business, we acknowledge that some users have their preferred tools. We integrate with a range of top service providers to enhance your funnel-building experience.

Do I need to install anything?

No! ClickFunnels was designed to eliminate the need for an extensive IT department. Simply log in, start clicking, and build all your funnel pages from the members area.

Can ClickFunnels handle high traffic?

Absolutely! With ClickFunnels hosted on the world's largest public cloud cluster (powered by Amazon and supported by CloudFlare Security + CDN), we have the capacity to scale seamlessly in real-time. Whether it's 100 visitors or 100,000+, we won't slow down.

Who owns the data/content/subscribers?

You retain full ownership of all content, including your users. ClickFunnels has no rights to use your content or contact your users. ClickFunnels serves as a tool for you to deliver your content.

Can I self-host the pages?

No, ClickFunnels is a hosted "software-as-a-service" platform. This ensures you receive updates, new features, and maintains the stability of your funnels. You can also export HTML from your pages, along with your contacts, whenever you choose.

How do I cancel if I'm not satisfied?

Simply log in to your account, access your account settings, and click "cancel my account." No need to make calls, send emails, or engage in conversations., an Etison Product.

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